More Alcohol Palettes added…..

We started stocking Alcohol Activated Palettes by Mr Dashbo quite recently and the respose for these has been great. So much so that we have added a few more styles to our website.

The Lady Cadaver palette is a 5 colour death tone palette perfect for creating ghostly and macabre characters. lady cadaver paletteMr Dashbo not only creates vibrant colours but the packaging is also very striking which may not enhance the actual makeup itself but definitely looks great in your kit.

Another new 5 colour palette we now stock is The Cheshire Tatt palette which contains 5 tattoo ink tones. cheshire tatt paletteNow we are quite well known for our work with Temporary Tattoos but these palettes give you the freedom to create your own designs or even enhance something that is already on the skin.

We have used a few different brands of alcohol Activated Makeup and these really do look great and the colours are well put together and look good on the skin. Mr Dashbo are Vegan friendly and cruelty free which is a big plus and finding a UK manufactured product is another big plus for us.

We hope you find this useful and look forward to any feedback you have about these or any of our products.



Coming soon to space Monkeys

We have some great new products coming out this year and in time for Halloween!

coming soon banner

  • Big Mouth Tattoos will give you a smile no one will ever forget
  • Tinsley FX Teeth will definitely take your next costume to the next level
  • Tinsley Blood FX products are very innovative and fantastic to use
  • Zombie 3D FX Transfers will give you that Walking Dead look

Having fun with Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos

One of our favourite things to do is spend some time having fun playing with Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos.

Here is what we got up to yesterday with some Vintage and Pinup Tattoos.

sweet sour pinup tattoo

We love how old school and cool the Sweet & Sour Devils look and the 1950’s Pinup is one of our most realistic tattoos.

map tattoo gypsy tattoo

The Pirate map tattoo is part of our Buccaneer Pirate Tattoo Kit which is a great way of putting together a themed look and the Gypsy Vintage tattoo is another great old school style tattoo.

Hope you like them and if you have any of our tattoos or any products don’t forget to send us your pictures of you wearing them : )

There is a NEW Theatrical Blood in town

We stock a brand new type of Theatrical Blood and one of the tag lines that comes with this blood is “Making Blood cool again” So I thought we’d look at whether this is just another blood product or if it is actually “Cool”

The product in question is Blood FX from Tinsley Transfers and it certainly looks cool in very eye-catching packagingBlood_FX_Front_01.

Now for anyone who doesn’t already know Tinsley Transfers is a Company best known for producing realistic Temporary Tattoos for TV and Film as well as having a very comprehensive retail range and is owned by Christien Tinsley who is an Oscar-winning Makeup Artist.  So the thought of them bringing out a makeup range is very exciting. Well we think so anyway….Our thinking is if the guy is a well-known makeup artist he probably knows what looks good and what is nice to use.

Something very apparent with Tinsley Transfers products is the amount of care and thought they put into the way their products look packaged and although you may think that doesn’t necessarily make it a good product to use it does seem that so far the quality of Tinsley Transfers products doesn’t stop at how cool they look.

So back to the blood and what makes it so different to all the other bloods out there??

Well to start with this Blood is Hydrophobic which basically means it repels water making the product waterproof yet it can still be removed with soap and water.

It’s not a syrup based Blood either which means it’s not a sticky product on your skin and doesn’t stain your skin either.

As this Blood doesn’t dry (as most gel type bloods don’t) it looks real and doesn’t go pinkish like a lot of other bloods do!

So far so good…….Blood_FX_Back_01

Now something that’s quite apparent is the size of the product and the fact that it’s quite small. Could this be the first downside of this pretty promising product?

The actual size of the vial or tube of blood is 8.2g which does seem quite small but this image that is on the back of the packaging shows how this size of blood can cover a whole torso and head. Now let’s be honest “Do you really want or need to cover a whole person in blood”?

Most people will want some blood to enhance a look or fill a wound and this blood will be perfect for that.

The conclusion we came to with the new Blood FX from Tinsley Transfers is that it looks great before you even take it out of the packaging and when you do get it onto your skin it really is COOL!!

If you are looking for a great new blood product on the market check out Blood FX available from Space Monkeys