Dental Distortions FX Creature Teeth

morlockOur Morlock Dental Distortions Teeth are back in stock!

We’ve also stocked up on Pennywise Teeth as we know all you Evil Clowns love them


Woochie Pro Skull Foam Prosthetics

Every Company thinks they have the best customers but we think we really do!

It’s always great to see what our customers create with our products and we always like to show off their great work.

clive prosthetic skull

This picture was sent in to us by Clive who heads up the “The Skeleton Crew” as “Captain Black Skull Turner” for The Pirate Festival held every year in Hastings.

Not only does Clive look amazing but the festival holds the World Record for the most amount of Pirates in one place which we think is a great achievement.

We will definitely be heading to Hastings on the 26th July to see Captain Black Skull Turner and to see if that World record can be broken this year.

Clive created his character using our Woochie Pro Skull Full Face Foam Prosthetic and we think he did a great job.

If you are looking for a great day out this summer check out the Pirate Festival in Hastings and don’t forget if you need some Prosthetics, Teeth and Makeup to create your next character head over to our website and check out our range.

Brand New Veneers

We have some awesome new FX Veneer Teeth from the dark minds over at Moonstruck Effects.

Dexter Upper Fx Veneers

These FX Teeth look absolutely great and as they aren’t mass produced the level of detail is second to none.

The Dexter Pair (on the left) are easily the most gory set of teeth we stock and would be perfect for a Hillbilly character. We have had this set custom painted for added gore.

The Erebus Vampire Teeth (on the right) are in the classic style and will really bring your next Vampire character to life.

These are just the first couple of styles from moonstruck Effects we will be stocking so please keep checking back to see what else we add. We’d love to know what you think of these FX Veneers so leave us a comment below : )

Ben Nye Wrinkle Stipple

We now stock Wrinkle Stipple Latex from Ben Nye.

Ben Nye Wrinkle Stipple
Ben Nye Wrinkle Stipple

This speciality latex is thinner than Liquid Latex and dries nearly invisible. Ideal to create subtle facial wrinkling, especially crow’s-feet.

This will be a great product to use for Old Age makeup.

The New Dental Distortions are on their way

dd teeth range
The new lineup of Dental Distortions FX Teeth

It’s been a very long wait but we will have the Brand New range of Dental Distortions FX Veneers in stock by the end of next month.

Dental Distortions Veneers are “In our opinion” the best FX Teeth product on the market at the moment. These teeth are thin shell veneers that sit against your actual teeth and use a very clever thermoplastic material to give you a custom fitting.

A new improvement for the teeth this time round is that the veneer itself is actually flexible making the fitting process easier and more comfortable and stopping the veneers from snapping which did happen on rare occasionsdd flex image with the old styles.

These teeth have been a favourite of ours for many years and a product that we have always used ourselves in entertainment that we have done as well as selling them retail and we can’t recommend them highly enough. They are easy to fit, come with great fitting instructions and last for years.

They are perfect for Fancy Dress, LARP as well as TV and Film work.

This new range of Dental Distortions will see some really creepy new styles being released as well as some more familiar styles that you may recognise.

One of the new styles for this year will be “Grimm” (centre row, far right) which will make a great pair of creature teeth for your next creation, Grimm is an Upper and Lower set but that doesn’t mean you have to wear both sets together.

A style returning in name but with a slight design change is the very popular “Pennywise” (bottom left) The original design was sharp and nasty but actually not that accurate to the Pennywise Clown version from the film IT. This time round “Pennywise” looks a lot more like the style worn by Tim Curry and will definitely complete any killer Clown Costume.

We will keep everyone up to date on the progress of getting these back in stock and if anyone has used Dental Distortions FX Teeth in the past we’d love to hear from you and what you thought of them.

A Quick review of using 3d Prosthetic Transfers

3D Fx Transfers by Tinsley Transfers are a very cool looking new prosthetic transfer product that certainly looks the part.

These are latex free and need no glue to apply, like a normal Temporary Tattoo Transfer you use water to apply them so that is already cutting down on the additional products needed which is a bonus.

There are quite a few videos online and these are absolutely brilliant as they take you through the whole process from opening the packaging to applying the transfers and they even have a few good tips on colouring them. You can see the videos here

Right lest to grips with these transfers….. After opening the packaging there is a small amount of prep needed but it’s very straight forward. Then it’s just a case of cutting out the transfers you want to use.

fx transfers cut out
transfers cut out and ready to go

Now the next trick is remembering the shape of the transfer you are using as when you put it on the skin it will be face down and you will just be looking at the back of the transfer. A great little tip for this is to draw the shape of the cut or wound on the back of the transfer so you have a good idea of the shape and you can place it exactly where you want it to go.

fx transfers drawn on
flip the transfers over and mark out the shape of the wounds

Now you just apply them like you would a normal Transfer Tattoo. When you have picked the place you want your wound to be you peel off the transparent cover and push the transfer onto the skin. Next you soak the backing of the transfer with water and apply a little bit of pressure. There is no rush for this next bit, just keep the transfer quite wet for approx 30 seconds or so and then peel the backing away leaving the transfer on the skin.

3d transfers slashes
Cheek and neck slashes applied
3d transfers bite
cheek bite applied

Now you just need to powder the wounds with some transparent powder and then apply a little sealer over the top and you you’re ready to add makeup or blood if needed. We were going for a fresh zombie look so we went a bit crazy with the blood and added some white mesh contact lenses that give a really good dead eye look.


kel zombie mcD worker - Halloween 2012finished zombie look1

I think overal these transfers are fantastic to work with! There is no mess, no additional products needed and you can use any type of makeup over the top of them. The Instructions included on the pack are good and easy to understand but as I said earlier the videos online are really good to have on hand.

There is a quite a good range of 3D FX Transfers out at the moment and they come in Small and Medium sizes. If youd like to see the ranges you can find them here