More Teeth coming soon

We are well known for stocking some of the best FX Teeth in the UK from brands such as Dental Distortions, Moonstruck Effects and Tinsley Transfers and we have two new styles coming soon from Moonstruck Effects.

Kalfou FX Teeth are a great set of Creature upper and lowers and you may be thinking that these teeth look quite familiar.

kalfou teeth reg pink
Kalfou FX Teeth

That is because they look remarkably like our most popular set of FX Teeth “Pennywise” so we already know these will be a very popular style of teeth. Look out for Kalfou soon on the website.

Another new style coming soon is the upper only Vampire style Sabrathan.

sabrathan teeth vamp pale
Sabrathan FX Teeth

This Double fang style was used for the Marvel character Blade and gives a good alternative to the traditional single fang style.







Moonstruck Effects ProFX Teeth

lareth moonstruck teeth1
Lareth Moonstruck PRoFX Teeth

We finally got a chance to try out a pair of Moonstruck Effects ProFX Teeth and we have to say that we had loads of fun using them and they look great.

These are the Lareth over the lip style which has a section of gum that sits outside of the mouth giving the impression that part of your lip is missing.

The Moonstruck Effects teeth use Thermoplastic balls for fitting and these are not only easy to use but give a comfortable custom fit which can be re-moulded until you’re happy.

We added a little colour around the mouth and some Gel Blood where the missing lip is.

We have started stocking Moonstruck Effects Teeth on our website now and think these will be a big hit for Zombie characters and cosplay.

We hope you enjoy and leave us a comment and let us know what you think 🙂

Getting to grips with FX Wound Tattoos

Sometimes it great to just grab a few tattoos and see what you can come up with!

I like the idea of using some cut and slash FX Wound Tattoos to write words and create quite extreme skin carvings. I love the fact that you can create such dramatic effects with such a simple product!

I remember it wasn’t that long ago that to create such an effect would involve messy sticky wax to start followed by sealing that and then making sure everything is blended and that’s before you even start colouring it!

So step 1 was to think of what I wanted to write and then start cutting out different cut and slash FX Wound Tattoos to use. I find it looks more realistic of you use different width and shape wounds.

The words Save Me written in FX Wound Tattoos
The words Save Me written in FX Wound Tattoos

The next step was very important indeed….I needed to borrow a leg to put the wounds on! this was an integral part of the process. Leg borrowed and wound tattoos cut the next step is to apply them!

So here is what I came up with! “SAVE ME” written in cuts and slashes with no mess or fiddley products needed! Just the wound tattoo sheets and some water.

I think it looks good as it is and pretty realistic but I wanted to give it that little extra something and make it look a little fresher and add a bit of gore.

Now I could have pulled out all manner of blood products that are readily available on the market today but in keeping with this little project being completely mess free and using minimal products I thought I go for something a little different and instead of using a blood product I’d just use a couple of different colours from my alcohol activated make-up palette. That way I get the look I want but the whole thing is waterproof and non sticky.

alcohol activated makeup applied to look like blood
alcohol activated makeup applied to look like blood

This is the finished look with the added makeup smudged on to give that look of blood and I think it just looks a bit more sore.

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy bit of makeup and if you are interested in any of our Temporary Tattoos including the wounds you can check them out on the site here

If you have any questions please put them in the comments below


Hey Hey They’re the monkeys!

Our first newspaper interview back in 2003
Our first newspaper interview back in 2003

Back in 2003 Space Monkeys was an entertainment company supplying comedy mix and mingle characters and designing and organising Halloween/Horror events.

“Hey Hey They’re the monkeys!” was the headline of our very first newspaper article written about us and how we had brought some very American style entertainment to the UK.

We have always loved entertainment and although we have now ventured into supplying Theatrical Makeup online that itself came from entertainment that we were doing….We needed FX Makeup for our actors who were taking part in a Halloween event we were organising so it made sense to us to start supplying others with the kind of makeup that we loved using ourselves. And that is something we now do quite successfully.

But I think it’s fair to say that we have never really lost that urge to perform and entertain.

We now try to concentrate more on selling Makeup and FX that can be used to complement your next character but I have a feeling we will be going back to our roots and doing a lot more entertainment.

One of our favourite ways to entertain is to use our huge Stalkaround Puppets, we were actually one of the first people in the UK to use this form of giant puppet that comes from the USA from the mind of FX Artist Wayne Toth. tombs and son

Stalkaround Puppets are a kind of cross between a puppet that you control and a costume that you wear, they are great fun to use and we find that they really catch the imagination of the audience.

We currently own two Stalkaround Puppets, one a very creepy looking Ghoul and the other an Undertaker. Both have been used to entertain and amuse at Halloween events and it’s almost impossible to see these giants and not want to have your photo taken with them. You may have already been at an event and seen one of them for yourselves.

When we’re not in a Stalkaround Puppet our other type of entertainment is mix and mingle characters and not just horror either. It’s true we love our Horror and we have played Vampires, Werewolves, Hillbillies and Demons but our brand of entertainment isn’t just for October time, we have designed characters for specific events and times of year. One of our first and still our favourite creations was a couple of Farmers that were hired to entertain at a birthday party that was being held on a farm, the only thing was none of the guests were in on it so when these two bearded, flat cap wearing farm folk turned up unannounced most of the guests didn’t know whether to laugh at their antics or try to get them to leave!

We are really going to look forward to telling you about new entertainment as we do it and introduce you to a lot more of our characters and creatures. Hopefully some of you will meet us in person and love what we do 🙂


A little Introduction

Hi All and welcome to Space Monkeys Blog

I thought I’d do a little introduction and let you know what you are going to see on this blog.

We are a family run business selling Theatrical Makeup, Prosthetics, Temporary Tattoos, Contact Lenses and FX Teeth and Fangs so basically everything you need to create your next creature or monster. We’ve always had a real interest in Special Effects and Films and have tried to create an online shop that’s a bit different from your standard Fancy Dress Shop. We try and stock the type of stuff we would want to buy ourselves.

We also love playing with the products we sell so we will tell you about new products we are getting in and show you just what can be done with them.

We have also been involved with Scare Attractions in the UK for the past 25 years or so. Not only supplying the Makeup but also acting in them and actually designing and running our own. We supply most of the major Theme Parks with FX and from time to time get out and about ourselves dressed as various characters so you may see a bit of that on here too.

We love films and especially Horror, probably to the point of obsession so if we watch something cool we will share it here and see what you think of it.

Hopefully you will find something on here interesting and even more important find it useful

See you all soon

The Space Monkeys Team