Dental Distortions back in stock

I’ll keep this short and sweet!

Our Dental distortions FX Teeth are back in stock and available to buy right now. Follow the link below to get your teeth before they sell out


Getting Gory with Gorywood

The Gorywood range of Temporary Tattoos from Tinsley Transfers is a range of Wound and Scar tattoo sheets that make it easy for you to create nasty looking wounds really quickly and easily. Each sheet is themed and for the look I was creating I chose the “Human Carving Board” sheet which consisted of lots of cuts and slashes and some bigger ready made words and symbols

Here are some wound tatoos I was planning on using and the FX Veneer teeth I used for the look

The first thing I did was cut out a few of the tattoos that I thought I’d use and I also had some Wired FX Veneer Teeth from Dental Distortions which would finish off the look nicely.

These tattoos are transfers that are applied with water so the next step is simply make sure your skin is clean and free from any oils (I use Isopropyl Alcohol for this) pick where you are going to place the tattoo and then peel off the transparent backing and place the tattoo on sticky side down. The next step is to soak the back of the tattoo with water for approx 30 seconds or so and then slowly peel away the backing to reveal the tattoo underneith


Once all the tattoos were on and looking good I wanted to add a little blood but I didn’t want to use sticky, messy blood so instead I just added a few washes of Alcohol Activated Makeup. Now I know most people use Skin Illustrator palettes but I was on a budget so used a great product by Michael Davy. Once dry the whole thing is water proof so no chance of it coming off until I want to remove it. (removal is easy with Isopropyl Alcohol or Baby Oil)

The finished look with the teeth in

So this is the finished look of this very quick and easy character makeup using only a handful or Temporary Tattoos, some Alcohol Activated makeup and a pair of FX Veneer Teeth. I had great fun doing this and I hope you enjoy seeing it and at some point try it yourself

A little Introduction

Hi All and welcome to Space Monkeys Blog

I thought I’d do a little introduction and let you know what you are going to see on this blog.

We are a family run business selling Theatrical Makeup, Prosthetics, Temporary Tattoos, Contact Lenses and FX Teeth and Fangs so basically everything you need to create your next creature or monster. We’ve always had a real interest in Special Effects and Films and have tried to create an online shop that’s a bit different from your standard Fancy Dress Shop. We try and stock the type of stuff we would want to buy ourselves.

We also love playing with the products we sell so we will tell you about new products we are getting in and show you just what can be done with them.

We have also been involved with Scare Attractions in the UK for the past 25 years or so. Not only supplying the Makeup but also acting in them and actually designing and running our own. We supply most of the major Theme Parks with FX and from time to time get out and about ourselves dressed as various characters so you may see a bit of that on here too.

We love films and especially Horror, probably to the point of obsession so if we watch something cool we will share it here and see what you think of it.

Hopefully you will find something on here interesting and even more important find it useful

See you all soon

The Space Monkeys Team