Space monkeys

Specialists in Makeup FX

About Us

finished mental patientWith over 30 years in the entertainment industry, Space Monkeys is a family run business specialising in supplying Theatrical Makeup, FX Contact Lenses, Temporary Tattoos, Foam Prosthetics and FX Teeth and Fangs.

We understand the industry inside out with our careers starting out as Actors, Street Performers and Makeup Artists.

Our passion is apparent in our products and our client base is ever growing. We now supply to most locations across the global including USA, Europe and the Far East.

lareth moonstruck teeth1We are a leading supplier of Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos and now have one of the biggest ranges in the world.

Our range of Foam Latex Prosthetics is ever growing and we have a variety of Scarecrow Fangs, Dental Distortions & Moonstruck Effects Teeth to choose from!

For those looking for something eye catching we have an excellent range of contact lenses to finish off that look.

All of our products can be found here:-

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